If you have ever visited a cathedral, synagogue or mosque, you have seen beautiful stained glass windows. The windows vary in size, colors and design, but all have something in common. The stained glass windows beautify and provide a colorful prism that natural light shines through, enhancing the atmosphere of the building. The images on the windows also serve to enlighten and edify the congregants.

- Cheryl Waters

“ Stained glass is arguably one of the most important aspects of Gothic cathedrals. As its popularity rose, mainly
during the mid-12th century, the increased presence of stained glass presented major changes to the way the general populace was learning about religion. The windows became illuminated visual sermons of biblical stories, which may have had an even greater impact than the spoken word of the priest ”


The Development of Stained Glass in Gothic Cathedrals

Elizabeth (Aislin) Reynolds

“ People tend to consider glass as a commodity. It is not. Glass is a highly sophisticated material. A technology carrier and performance provider. Unlike any other building construction material glass enables transparency. It allows sunlight and solar energy to transmit, at the same time maintaining visual contact between the outside and the inside of a building as well as between rooms inside the building. ”

—    Vetrosolar.com

Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The artistic glass façade created a building skin that appears to be made of layers of glazing due to the use of acid etching and silk screening,” says Chris Dolan, director of commercial glass marketing for Guardian Industries. “The project used Guardian SunGuard AG 50 low-E on UltraWhite low-iron glass to help reduce glare and solar heat gain while providing a public space filled with natural light

Hall Winery in St. Helena, California.

"What we really wanted to do with our location was to showcase the spectacular views in all directions from the winery in all directions and integrate the hospitality experience with the outdoor experience" - Reynolds

The structural glazing—the fins—come in and touch the radial walls … so when you’re standing within any point within the hospitality area you feel as though you’re standing out on a balcony. The glass fins are held 8 feet above your head,

“ There is a strong trend in modern architecture towards transparent structures, which allow natural light to enter buildings and on other hand open up the natural landscape to end-users inside. Glass creates an airiness, provides a sense of space that can only be achieved with larger glass sizes and in lighter support structures. ”

—    Glass-tec.com

“ The use of glass in public buildings and office complexes has steadily increased over the past few decades, and the trend looks set to continue. Glass is an inexpensive material which offers many superior properties in different applications. It is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, an increasingly important consideration with the growing emphasis on life-span thinking. ”

—    Glass-tec.com

When it comes to glass offices, there are none better than this.  You won’t find bored cubicle workers in this hall, but a meeting of the minds of the future workers of Japan, joining for creative projects and community in one of the greatest glass work spaces in the world.  It is huge, monumental even, a piece of architecture whose inner beauty is entirely exposed thanks to a thin glass skin that wraps around its entire exterior. 

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Glass Building


Glass capsule of creativity in the middle of the forest, the employees are always in tune with their environment. 

Selgas Cano Architecture

A modern representation of contemporary art. Next to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Using frosted glass as outside panels and illuminated from within.

Steven Holl Architects 


Enabling spacial orientation for children using colored glass for natural lighting. 

Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud France

Koz Architects


Glass chapel, frosted glass for privacy and a feeling of shelter. 

La Estancia Glass Chapel

Bunker Arquitectura

Dome of glass and aluminum, in the National Grand Theater of China. Located not far from Tiananmen Square, Beijing, this glass building houses an opera, a theater and a music hall, combining to seat 5,452 guests at once.  The dome is centered within an artificial lake, providing a reflective view of the dome from the street. 

Architect Paul Andreu has been a well-known proponent of glass in architecture, and the National Grand Theater is widely considered one of his greatest masterworks. 

“ Impervious ”